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Sunday School 9:00am


Sunday Worship 10:15am

3rd Annual Chili Cook-off

Sunday, January 26, following worship service

Come for the tasting and help decide which chefs get a trophy!  Members will compete with their favorite chili recipe from "Mild and Tastey" to "Hot and Spicy".  Tasters are asked to make a donation to the church as they enter the Auditorium, then they will be given three tickets to vote for their favorite/s.  The chili with the most tickets in its basket will be the winnner - one in each category!  We always have fun at this fundraiser for our church and community programs.

230th Anniversary Celebration!

Sunday, February 9, following worship service

We're celebrating our 230th birthday!  Plan to come to the worship service then following the service enjoy lunch, games, fellowship, fun - and cake!


"Heart-y" Luncheon

Sunday, February 16, 10:15am

Join us for a special worship service then head to the Auditorium for a luncheon to celebrate Valentine's Day and American Heart Month!  


Mardi Gras, Masks, & Murder!

Saturday, March 14 , 5:00pm

Plan to be at this fun, coverd dish dinner theatre where we'll be the entertainment!  Some of us will be actors and the rest will try to determine the guilty one. (Don't panic - actors will be contacted in advance. You won't be surprised at the door.) Bring your favorite dish to share and keep your ears open for clues.  We'll all enjoy tasting everyone's family-favorite dish and have a real hoot guessing Whodunit! 

          Looking ahead...

Sight and Sound's "Queen Esther"

Saturday, August 1

We're inviting friends in our community to join us on this bus trip to Lancaster's Sight and Sound theater to see "Queen Esther".