First Reformed Church of the United Church of Christ

'Go To Meeting' Virtual Gatherings:

We returned to "In Person" Sunday Worship at 10:15am but,

you can join us through Go To Meeting.


We use Go To Meeting when we gather online.

To view our services, follow the directions below.


  To join using a computer, tablet, or smartphone:

     Type the URL:

            (Bookmark the home page to make it easier the

            next time you join us.)

      Type the Access Code 686285029 & click "Join"

      At the question "Do you want to allow this page to open

            'GoToOpener'?"  -  Click  'Allow'.

      You should be connected and will be able to join the group

            when First Reformed is ready.

  To join using your telephone:

       Dial 1-866-899-4679 (toll free) & follow prompts

      Enter the Access Code 686285029 and #.

      There is no audio/pin so just enter another #.

If you join us late for a service or gathering, please mute your phone or internet device.  Internet devices need to have the video turned off as well when joining late.